Ekspedisi Gunung Jerai

Last week aku pegi mendaki Gunung Jerai. Perghh memang penat giler… perjalanan lebey kurang 6 jam.. Tapi sampai jek kat puncak Tuhan je yang tau betapa seronoknya dan betapa kagumnya aku dengan ciptaan Allah.. Sungguh teruja.. GambarĀ² sepanjang pendakian akan di upload kemudian sebab camera tertinggal kat rumah…

View Sawah Padi
Night View

Sedikit Info Tentang Gunung Jerai…

Gunung Jerai, located in the northern state of Kedah is 1200 meters above sea-level. In the olden days, Kedah Perak as it was then known played an important role as a navigating point for sailors from as far as the Middle East and Europe. Today, Gunung Jerai is Kedah’s premier hill resort and recreational park. On a clear day atop the peak, the cool, refreshing mountain offers spectacular views of the rolling paddy fields of Kedah stretching up to Perlis, and the islands of Penang in the south and Langkawi in the north-west.

Sejarah Gunung Jerai

Like all other mountains, Gunung Jerai has its fair share of history and fascinating tales. Legend has it that Raja Bersiong, the ‘king of fangs’ once had his ancient kingdom within the Bujang Valley, at the foot of the mountain. Relics uncovered in the area provide evidence of a Hindu-Buddhist civilization dating back to the fourth century A-D.
Isolated from the other mountain ranges of Peninsular Malaysia, Gunung Jerai has a unique range of medicinal plants and herbs not found in other mountains.

Sungai Teroi Forest Recreational Park
A haven for a variety of unique mountain flora and fauna. Orchids, rhododendrons, pitcher plants grow abundantly within the park.
Hiking Trails along wooded areas leading to the picnic site provide opportunities for nature lovers to enjoy leisurely strolls. The beauty of Gunung Jerai is best experienced while jungle trekking through the natural splendour of this rainforest treasure. For the move adventurous, camping sites, are provided along the trails. Basic camping facilities are available at a nominal fee of RM3 per person.
For a cool refreshing retreat, 30 minutes of brisk jungle trekking from the Gunung Jerai Resort leads one to the breathtaking sight of a clear mountain stream cascading down the hilly slopes.
A visit to the Foresty Museum which is located halfway up the hill will provide a wealth of information on various species of wood collected from Malaysian highland areas.

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~ by bendergraphy on July 30, 2009.

6 Responses to “Ekspedisi Gunung Jerai”

  1. assalamualaikum Ben hafiz.
    just nak tanya … ekspidisi kamu ke gunung jerai bermula dari mana ) starting point) . saya dan kawan2 berhajat nak mendaki gunung jerai sekitar bulan november 2009. ada tak route / trek dari Yan . harap dapt informasi dari Ben .
    salam .

  2. salam lestari…..
    barangkali berminat mendaki gungung2 di indonesia kami akan suguhkan info dan gambar2 panorama indahnya pegunungan di indonesia.

    • wsalam.. memang teramat minat untuk shoot gambar pemandangan.. ada cadangan untuk melawat ke mana2 lokasi di sana??

    • Sgt berminat utk mendaki.. Barangkali boleh di kongsi gambar pemandangan di sana..

  3. salam saudara ben hafiz. satu pertanyaan, adakah destinasi ini sesuai buat pelajar tingkatan 5 sekolah menengah? beri pendapat:)

    • Maaf lewat reply.. Dh lama xbukak page neh.. Mmg xde masalah pd sy utk pelajar form 5 utk mendaki. Sbb ada bnyk laluan yg boleh dipilih.. Kebetulan laluan kami dulu adalah antara yg paling sukar.. Keadaan di atas pd sy tersangat la indah.. Dgn suhu yg sejuk..

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